Past and future

La Penoterie - Past

There are several tales about the name “La Penoterie”. One of them is that the walnut trees on our land led to her name. Another possibility is that it has something to do with the viniculture.

Up until 1956 grapes were grown in this area. It is possible that the name of this domain comes from the Pinot grape. Maybe it is much simpler; the property used to belong to Mr or Mrs Pen or Penot. Many properties are named after their owners.


La Penoterie - Present

We bought La Penoterie in 2012. The area, Montignac and the position of La Penoterie made us fall in love with the site. The property was abandoned and our first task was to remove the huge brambles that had taken over the place.

We greatly enjoy the view, the peace and the beautiful landscape. Our own house and both gîtes have been thoroughly renovated. Also the pool is ready and gives you refreshment on warm days.